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TLC Haiti


May 13-17 was a highlight trip for me as I travelled to Haiti for the eighth time, along with my pastor friend, Steve Wilhite, to teach and train pastors in Port au Prince and Cayes.  First of all, let me encourage you by telling you that things in Haiti reflect progress—the roads are better, almost all of the inadequate  tent dwellings are gone, and, most importantly, the people seem to be anticipating better times.

Haiti is still the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and its government still needs extensive retooling. And, sadly, cholera continues to still ravage its people because of dirty water and poor education.  But things are slowly showing signs of improvement.


We always receive a warm welcome in Haiti.  On this trip 260 pastors greeted us in Port au Prince and 150 more in Cayes.  And, yes, the weather was warm.  But it did not dampen the enthusiasm of our students as they studied New Testament Survey 1, and were “serenaded” by the musical talents of Steve, who also ably assisted in the teaching of this core curriculum class.  Our students come well-dressed and prepared to  pay attention, take notes and ask good questions.  They express deep appreciation for this opportunity to expand their understanding of the Word of God and are always anxious to know the information regarding the next class.


For me personally there is something compelling about the pastors there, who, like me, are charged with serving their people.  Pastor Rochelin  is recuperating from a major motorcycle accident which killed his daughter and left him severely injured.  I prayed with him in a small home surrounded by people of his family and congregation serving him.  Pastor Benjamin serves multiple congregations in the nearby mountainous communities and, yet, came each day to class ready and eager to learn.  Claudel, a young aspiring pastor, helps at a church in Carrefourpoy and he and other young men from that church faithfully attended each session preparing themselves for future  bministry.  When I am teaching I am often moved within my heart to tears at the picture of these pastors eager to learn.  We together are providing an opportunity for them to be trained to guide their congregations.  This trip confirmed to me the importance of what we are seeking to do through TLC in Haiti.

August 5-9 we will teach Romans to the pastors in Cayes.  Having done this already in Port a Prince last year,  this will be a catch-up for us in Cayes, in order to keep out students there in sync with our four year program, culminating in a 2015 graduation.  It will be exciting to give diplomas to the first class at TLC Pastoral Training Institute of Haiti, which we are in the process of registering there.

In November we will return to teach the second half of New Testament Survey.  What has been especially helpful is the purchase of study textbooks printed in French by the Biblical Center for Pastoral Training I Georgia.  Our pastors are now able to further their study after we leave and to progress at their own pace in the assimilation of this material.

Thanks for your continued prayerful and financial support.  More information is coming regarding this productive trip in the weeks ahead so check back for further updates. (See Haiti blog by Steve Wilhite)  We are truly encouraging kingdom leaders in Haiti, and nothing could be more exciting!