Pastor Gilbert Jules report from Haiti

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Gilbert Jules is God’s gift to our work in Haiti. I’m sharing his personal report about our recent teaching on Romans in Les Cayes. To read this is to understand and appreciate his heart for his people.      Dale Barrett, Director TLC Haiti

Good evening Brothers and sisters

This is just a little report on the seminar on Romans that Logan and I had the privilege to teach in Les Cayes last week; reallyLogan did most of the teaching.

 On Sunday the 4th of August, from the AirPort, we stopped at my house just to get a bite to eat, then to hit the road to les Cayes.  Logan likes to drive, but I did not let him since he was too tired from the flights.  My wife used her vacation to accompany us to destination; she wanted to attend the teaching of Romans also.  I chewed sugar cane all the way to keep me awake while driving. We have a nice ride with not much traffic since it was Sunday.

 On Monday morning, we were all astonished to see those many pastors and leaders waiting in front of the church; and it was the same way every morning. Logan and I soon believed that the people are very anxious to get the training.  Happy! 

 I am not a good story teller; however, I can twist my tongue tell the attendance was so intensely gazing to listen to every word that came from our mouths that both of us experienced the favor of the Holy Spirit to share the Words of God. 

 We had fun distributing the New Testament Survey that Dale provided for the students although we need 50 more for new students.  Also, from the bibles Steve provided, we gave them away by asking questions from the training.

 Logan left on Saturday, and on Monday, I started to teach Romans to another group of new leaders; hopefully I can finish the training in September.  Lots of work to be done! 

 We really are planning to teach Romans to the many more places in Haiti.  I can feel that many people come to church without having the full understanding of the privileges and the benefits of the  sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.  I feel also it is our duty to train as much as we can; that way, we won’t have those many masters, dictators, in the churches. And, as a great revival started in the midst of those pastors, we can Impact the Country; and, as good humble model, many will come to the knowledge of the Words.

 Brothers and sisters,  your prayers, your thinking of us and your financial supports to TLC Haiti have helped us so much to realize a great deal for eternity.  Be encouraged since your rewards will be awaiting.

 I am taking permission to thank all of you who, in any way, promote our bible training program.  God will bless you abundantly.



photoThe eternal ramifications of giving a small piece of your life for others is defined in Scripture, but will only truly be understood upon arrival at the Throne of Grace.  The temporal reward is, I suppose, visible fruit, a feeling of purpose, having co-workers as equally or even exceedingly passionate for the souls of the lost from Christ or the confused as to the indescribable value of the gift He has offered to us.  

I enjoyed my time in Haiti.  Even more so, I enjoyed my time with Gilbert.  I wish I could freeze frame the faces of men and women who, upon hearing the messageof the gospel, clear and simple as described by Paul in Romans, find it so profound.  Profound.  No fancy trimmings.  No cleverly packaged ministry or message. Yet profound.  I love watching the Word of God bridge the cultural divides.  It alone has that capability.