November 2013 trip to Port au Prince and Les Cayes

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November 2013 trip to Port au Prince and Les Cayes

by Dale Barrett, Director TLC Haiti

I had the privilege of taking Matt and Steve with me to Port au Prince and Les Cayes in November to teach the second half of our New Testament Survey class to over 350 pastors and church leaders.  We had a rewarding time sharing the Word; since it was my ninth trip I have asked Matt and Steve to share their impressions.


I’ve been home from Haiti for about a week and I’m still processing all that I learned while serving there.  I think there are 3 things that really struck me.

1) This was my first time visiting Haiti and I was not surprised by the hardships of the nation, after all, for many Americans, hardship and Haiti are practically synonomous.

What surprised me was the people.

The Haitians I met exhibited such a quiet contentment and enviable joy.  Despite financial crisis and frequent natural disasters they’ve found their hope in the LORD!

Everywhere you look you see evidence of faith in the one true God.  Almost every tap-tap (a taxi/truck) has a Christian saying on the windshield and churches are plentiful.  Earthly troubles drive our attention upwards so no wonder I frequently saw signs that simply read, “Maranatha.”

2) I spent the week teaching a portion of New Testament Survey to several hundred pastors.  In my wildest dreams I never thought I’d be able to participate in something as cool as that!  It still doesn’t seem real to me.

Now that I’m back home, the teaching is not what I talk about.  I pray that it will be helpful to the Pastors and their congregations but now that I’m home, I tell people about getting to know Pastors Gilbert and Julio.  I talk about how blessed I was to travel with Pastors Dale and Steve.  I talk much more about what I learned than what I taught.  Thank you guys for leading me and inspiring me!

3) I was humbled by the Haitian pastors passion for the Word of God.  I wish you could see the excitement they had when they received a new bible.  One pastor received Dale’s Study Bible and I assure you, it was like he won the lottery.  Bibles and materials are readly available in the USA and there’s a plethora of free content in English on the internet but in Haiti, these items are very hard to come by in Creole or French, even if a Pastor has a little extra money.  If I could encourage readers to do one thing, it would be to donate Study Bibles and course manuals to these awesome Pastors.

I’d like to say , “thanks” to Dale Barrett and TLC Haiti for letting me come and be a part of what God is doing in Haiti.



I had anticipated great things from the Lord on this trip to Haiti to teach NT survey part II. But I did not expect to leave with such a treasure of love, sense of fulfillment and gratitude for having spent six truly inexpressibly physical, Spiritual and emotion days with our family in Port Au Prince and Cayes, Haiti.

Traveling and teaching with Pastor Dale was a true blessing. I have learned a great deal from him as a teacher, pastor, coach and counselor.  We have a new addition to the team his name is Matt.  Matt is a humble, focused 30 something man who was determined and equipped to carry out the task that we had before us. Teaching 21 books of the NT in Port Au Prince and Cayes proved to be extremely exhausting yet fulfilling. We had two days in each location with which to pour out God’s word. The Bible Training Centre for Pastors curriculum was thorough and accurate. The group in Port Au Prince was larger this trip. They were even more eager to learn than the first time I visited in May 2013. With the schedule set and the pace timed out, in the end, God had accomplished the work He had sent us to complete.

I so look forward to my return to our family in Haiti. It was a blessing to share worship in between the teaching. I was joined by my friend Lynda in Port Au Prince to sing, ’Lord I Need you’. I prayed, wept and thanked God as every- one worshiped together.

Leaving Haiti was bittersweet having to leave this family of God that I have grown to love and have a deep fondness for. I look up to them and appreciate their preparedness as well. I am thoroughly impressed and encouraged by the enduring spirit, love and faith of our friends here.  Gilbert is an amazing man of The Spirit of God, unshaken and unstained by the world. Dale and Matt are men of great faith and ability. I am truly honored to serve with them. Lord willing, I have great hope and desire to return to my family in Haiti soon.

“No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9