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resources-booksTLC Resources is the area of our website in which all partnerships and leadership resources are collected, organized and supported.  In keeping with our Core Value of Innovative, we constantly seek the best-of-breed resources to bring to the attention of the Kingdom Leaders whom we serve.

For example:
TLC Ministry Marriages & Health:
A series of informal conversations  with some of TLC early pastors revealed that many of them wanted to see a  ministry segment of The Leadership Connection dedicated to supporting  and assisting the marriages and families of pastors. It didn’t take many  conversations with the spouses of ministers to figure out that their wives  (and a growing number of husbands) face unique challenges and demands  that no other segment of our culture faces. As a result, we are currently addressing this issue and have added this as a critical component to  our ministry menu. By establishing on-going marriage support and ministry that focuses on the distinctive needs of their spouses and children we believe that we will take great strides towards pastoral health and vitality. One survey that we have found often quoted on Internet sites (the source is not identified) states that pastors’ wives claim that the worst day of their marriage was when, “…he entered the ministry.” Clearly not all spouses (or even a majority of them) feel that way, but we have heard too many spouses and children of ministry leaders say that they feel like they receive emotional and time “leftovers” from the one who is serving God. We want to make a difference in this critical area of pastors’ lives. There are many other resources that we utilize, present, and integrate that we are convinced help serve pastors and ministry leaders around the world. If you want to find out more about our TLC Ministry Marriages & Health, contact us.