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What Is A Next Generation Learning Group?

The primary avenue in which we serve next generation leaders is through learning groups.  These groups foster relationally safe, trustworthy environments for emerging ministry leaders to process real life issues and challenges, and to receive real life, practical solutions intended to increase their effectiveness and overall health and vibrancy.

We are convinced that leaders suffer in isolation, but they heal and change in community.  Therefore, we help catalyze a community of peers who engage life and ministry at a deep level with each other.

In our groups, we dive deeply into one another’s lives, hold each other accountable, and pray for each other as we face a plethora of challenges together and strive to develop and grow through them. We also use proven resources and tools that cultivate and optimize learning, growth, and development.

Basic Structure and Time Commitment

  • 1x/month: 1/2 day forum w/other next generation ministry leaders, led by well-trained facilitator.
  • 1x/month: Receive 60-75 minute customized leadership coaching.
  • 1x/month: Participate in a community oriented experiential learning opportunity.
  • Time commitment is approximately 7-8 hours per month, for 12 months.


Why Participate?

We desire to serve next generation ministry leaders — women and men between ages 20 and 35 who are leading or desire to lead ministries and churches.

We want to help them thrive now and in the future in areas of ministry effectiveness and overall personal and spiritual vibrancy. Next generation ministry leaders often ask

  • Where do I go to catalyze my own growth and development?
  • As I rise in leadership, how do I find authentic support and substantial mentoring that is both personal and customized to who God designed me to be?
  • With so many people counting on me and looking to my spiritual guidance, where can I share honestly about my own struggles, fears, & insecurities?
  • How do I find solutions to overcome ongoing challenges and obstacles in my week-to-week ministry responsibilities?

Key Components and Benefits

  • Customized leadership development
  • Collaborate with like-minded leaders
  • Utilize effective assessment tools and resources that help evaluate and improve one’s ministry effectiveness
  • One-on-one customized leadership coaching done by well-trained coaches
  • Intentional investment and mentoring from seasoned leaders through video conference calls and live interactions with authors, guest presenters, and other experienced ministry leaders.
  • Honest discussions on important books that are read together and intentional topics and themes (including character development, becoming a more effective communicator, building teams, etc.