TLC Ministry Marriages & Health

TLC Ministry Marriages & Health: A series of informal conversations  with some of TLC early pastors revealed that many  of them wanted to see a  ministry segment of The Leadership Connection dedicated to supporting  and assisting the marriages and families of pastors. It didn’t take many  conversations with the spouses of ministers to figure out that their wives  (and a growing number of husbands) face unique challenges and demands that no other segment of our culture faces. As a result, TLC has created our Ministry Marriages & Health program that provides the    following  resources to pastoral couples and their churches:

  • Confidential Marriage Counseling for Pastors & Spouses
  • Confidential Marriage Intensive Retreats for Pastoral Couples
  • Training & Resources for Sustainable, Lay-led Marriage Ministries For Churches
  • Highly Practical & Effective Marriage Investment Retreats

This is not a conference.  This is not a one-time experience.  This is not a book.  This is life-on-life, ongoing sustainable marriage investment to heal, enhance, and protect the marriages of ministry leaders.  “…Strike down the Shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered…”(Zechariah 13:7).  The single most significant earthly relationship in churches and non-profit ministries is that of the pastor or executive director.  If these marriages can be destroyed, the ministry is not far behind.  For this reason, TLC Ministry Marriages & Health is a critical resource that we desire to make available to all ministries and leaders, worldwide.

Our CEO is fond of saying; “I do not know of many ministry marriages that haven’t needed some effective marriage counseling at some point in time, and I know of no ministry marriages that could not benefit from ongoing investment and nurturing of their health.”  Please do not hesitate to contact us today via the contact link below. Led by Andy & Paulette Ainsworth, who possess decades of successful marriage and family counseling experiences, and who have dedicated their lives and experience to serving pastors and ministry leaders through their proven approach of pastoral marriage counseling and sustainable marriage ministries.  Working throughout the United States and a number of other countries, Andy & Paulette lead a network of highly qualified pastoral marriage counselors and marriage ministry trainers.  If you have a personal need for marriage counseling or an organizational need for marriage ministry, TLC has the resources ready and available to help meet your needs.

If you want to find out more about our TLC Ministry Marriages & Health, please contact us.  (this is a confidential email link that will go directly to the Directors of TLC Ministry Marriages & Health)