Healthy Team Leadership

HEALTHY TEAM LEADERSHIP (HTL) consists of two major components that enable you and your leadership team to operate at your greatest potential.
The first component is LEADERSHIP PREP that prepares you, as the leader, to take full advantage of the HTL Program, both in advance and in follow up to the HEALTHY TEAM LEADERSHIP experience.
The second component is the LEADERSHIP OFFSITE that is one of the most practical and powerful leadership experiences that you and your executive team will encounter. This highly effective two-part program provides you with the necessary weapons to eliminate the issues that hinder your executive team in achieving its full potential.

This individualized, one-on-one Leadership Coaching is designed to:

  • Set objectives for the HTL Program with you executive team.
  • Identify any specific team issues to be addressed.
  • Explore how your leadership style can optimize team results.
  • Conduct debrief of the HTL Offsite Experience
  • Set specific HTL. follow up targets and objectives.
  • Provide ongoing resources and support, as requested.

LEADERSHIP OFFSITE  A highly practical, results oriented experience that allows executive teams to break through key issues:

  • Led by a skilled facilitator who is specifically trained to surface key issues for resolution.
  • Material based, in part, on the proven content of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team.
  • Provocative and memorable team experiences to cement results.
  • Establish common terminology to drive team effectiveness.
  • Practical tools to increase effectiveness of team meetings.

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“Neil is a very effective leader of  the Healthy Team Leadership program.  His style establishes trust around the table, a  foundational component of any team, and he is not afraid to take the team deeper into its strengths and weaknesses.  Spending a day with Neil, and his Healthy Team Leadership process, is very constructive and accelerates team performance significantly.”                      

– Vince Sciliano, Board Chair, Lead Like Jesus