Cultivate Healthier Organizations. Build Effective Ministries

TLC is brought into some of the most significant moments within a ministry’s journey.  Whether it be a time of crisis or a moment of opportunity, TLC Consulting provides the right resource at the right time.

Leveraging a combination of individualized interaction and systematic tool sets, each ministry is provided with the exact support and guidance needed to navigate their specific challenges.

Having been trained by Patrick Lencioni in his model of building healthy organizations, we can offer focused workshops and off-site retreats to help pastors build and maintain cohesive leadership teams / boards and to strategically plan for future growth and ministry.

We believe that the four disciplines of healthy organizations  taught by Patrick Lencioni and The Table Group apply to the building of healthy congregations. These include:

  • Building & Maintaining Cohesive Teams/Leadership Groups.
  • Creating Organizational Clarity
  • Over-Communicating Organizational Clarity
  • Reinforcing Organizational Clarity

TLC consulting assists church leadership teams to achieve new team dynamics that drive for better ideas and best decisions. This allows for strategic planning and organizational clarity to take place. According to a recent report released by George Barna, more than 83% of all pastors admit that they lack strategic planning skills. This hampers congregations from building genuine momentum and leads to unhealthy pastors, leadership and churches.

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