How Godly Character Makes Us Effective Leaders

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Every one of us needs a good dose of godly character to cover the ‘gaps’ of our gifting—the areas where we are obligated to work but not very gifted.

Most leadership theory instructs us to address the “gaps” by surrounding ourselves with people who have gifts and talents that compliment us. This is helpful advice, if you can pull it off. But let’s be real – this isn’t always as practical as it sounds when that advice is given.

Next Gen Character

So…I’ve discovered a different more sure-fire way to “cover the gaps.” And I think it’s the way God designed it.


How? Through godliness.

  • You may not be eloquent, but if you’re godly, you will have wisdom, insight and peace so that you won’t be a boring communicator or preacher.
  • You may lack the personality temperament and dynamic skills to be an effective counselor, but if you’re godly, you will have deep empathy and tender love so that you will still bear fruit as a pastor.
  • You may not be organized and have charisma, but if you’re godly, your embodiment of humility will command people’s respect and admiration.

If you “pursue godliness” as the Scriptures tell us to do, your godly character will “fills the gaps.”