Don’t Call It Retirement…

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“How about we think about doing something together?”

Spoken 35,000 feet above Central America, seated across the aisle from Doug Stevens, after spending 8 days together in Costa Rica climbing (live) volcanoes, four wheeling (above), white water rafting, and challenging each other to swim across piranha infested rivers. I figured I just survived the last week with him, it could be fun to dive into something new together!

It was 12 years, and seemingly a lifetime, ago when Doug and I began our journey together, first just as friends, then as consultants in the same type of work, and most recently, as partners in The Leadership Connection. Across all of those years, there was not a moment when I have not feel incredibly blessed to call Doug my friend, colleague, co-laborer, and partner. Over the past 5 years, Doug has served as the Executive Director of The Leadership Connection and has been instrumental in developing and leading our ministry as the provider of critical support, encouragement, and equipping to pastors and ministries throughout the U.S. and Internationally.

Don’t call it Retirement!

As you may (or may not) know, Doug has made a decision to transition his role with TLC from that of a full-time E.D. to working on specific areas of focus (such as Oakland and Haiti) and specific projects (such as training and coaching Facilitators). While Doug will no longer reside in our office, he is no less in our midst as a valued leader of TLC, and in our hearts as a wonderful colleague and friend. Doug will also be continuing his work as an interim pastor, as well as assorted consulting engagements.

If you have ever had the opportunity to interact with Doug on any level, you know that it is a rare and blessed experience. We look forward to all that God has planned in the months ahead for both Doug and TLC, and will keep you posted as the journey continues.

We definitely want to Celebrate the time that Doug has Back Forty dedicated to both TRP and TLC, as well as the thousands of lives that have been blessed as a result, so we invite you to join us at our Annual Celebration Dinner on 11/13 to honor Doug Stevens and what God has done through his ministry!