The opportunities to serve the church in other lands are multiplying for TLC.  The challenge for us is to be discerning about where our abilities and resources might be most useful as we are invited to engage with regional and local ministry leaders in diverse settings.  The church is growing dramatically in many places — outpacing the capacity of pastors and other leaders to respond.  What a wonderful problem!  These Kingdom Leaders are often clear about their calling and long on passion (despite incredibly challenging circumstances), but short on education and not connected with essential resources (teaching, practical materials, personal encouragement).  We are impressed with how much ministry happens with so little support — and are committed to providing what God has given us to share.




We are involved in offering biblical teaching to, and sharing leadership principles with, pastors and other ministry leaders in this impoverished Caribbean nation.  After the devastatingJanuary 2010 earthquake, the church there entered a new season.  Knocked out of their buildings, many thousands of believers moved out into the streets and countryside to sing and pray and preach.  And people outside, in a deepening despair, were drawn to their witness and a greater accessibility to God.  In defiance of a dark voodoo.  These pastors are eager to learn about the Bible and how to shepherd their members and new converts into a strong faith.  TLC was in Haiti in April of 2011 and will return in 2012 for another week to invest in the lives and mission of hundreds of Haitian pastors.  A convening pastor in Port-au-Prince, several pastors in our network in the US, and a faith-based business supplying energy and electricity to this “fourth-world” country, are our key partners in this Kingdom effort.



The Leadership Connection has been working with ministries and ministry leaders within Mexico for the past three years.  Two of the key areas in which we are active is supporting the Executive Directors, Ministry Staffs, and Board of Directors for various non-profit ministries within the Baja California region.  Additionally, we have launched our TLC Ministry Marriages program, which is designed to minister to the marriages of pastors, as well as develop lay-lead marriage ministries within local churches.  We look forward to establishing TLC Connection Groups within the pastoral community within Mexico throughout the months ahead.



We accidently (with a divine appointment) wandered into China in 2011 and have discovered many needs and have been surprised by many opportunities.  Invited initially to tag along with a culturally savvy mission team to Beijing, we are now responding to invitations to teach in both the international church and secular university settings, as well as to meet with pastors of the registered and house churches to offer encouragement — and learn a lot from them about following Christ in conditions of great insecurity.  Communism is effective at central command-and-control, but not a soource of crucial human values.  TLC travelled to China in May and again in October of 2011, and we have plans to continue our work and expand our connections there in 2012.  This is very exciting!