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TLC Haiti Overview

Above is a great video sharing the history and future of TLC Haiti during a recent trip by TLC Haiti Director, Dale Barrett, and colleagues providing insight on how we serve and support 100’s of Pastors on the Island.  If you would like to support the work of TLC Haiti please click here.

A Week in Haiti

By Doug Stevens

A week in Haiti is always an adventure — filled with daunting challenges and unexpected delight. Especially as you engage with people. Especially as you come here to serve.

My wife and two other women shared in three days of teaching school teachers how to teach. Adaptation to the young adults there just beginning their careers — to their educational levels, to the scarcity of resources, and to the task of communicating cross-culturally by way of translation — is a constant reality.

And they did! Improvising all along the way as they sought to relate their understanding of the educational enterprise to the awareness, confidence and abilities of these new teachers.

With patience, passion, creativity and love they shared best practices that would encourage children to learn and develop. Lots of questions, hesitation, and failed attempts preceded occasional breakthroughs that were incredibly heartening for the student teachers (and the master teachers!). They discovered ideas, materials and methods they could use!

During the same week I spent two days with about 200 Haitian pastors and other ministry leaders considering and promoting the priority of developing a plural leadership model for ministry. New to some and even startling, we took a serious look at biblical precedent, including the clear example of Jesus.

These leaders are liked sponges, soaking up the concepts, the scriptures and the practical ways of implementing the advantages and demands of teamwork. They took notes and asked lots of good questions. It was very stimulating to interact with these men and women over several hours of intense concentration on the emergence of a viable leadership force … that goes beyond the limitations and liabilities of solo leadership.

The charisma of the singular leader, responsible for everything and central to every ministry effort, is replaced by the charisma of the leadership ensemble. This is all intentional, as we see in the nurturing of the Three, the Twelve and the Seventy, as well as in the work of the early church and of the international mission of the Apostle Paul and his partners.

I shared from my own experience as a pastor in several communities and also from my coaching involvement with a large number of churches and para-church ministries in diverse situations. A few times these leaders would argue with my attempt to convince them of the values and advantages of plural leadership. Such a conflict of perspectives actually began to clarify and amplify the benefits of building a team.

What a privilege to lead these sessions and try to engage them on such a major topic. The implications are revolutionary … and present special difficulties in a setting where survival is primary and not assumed. Taking the time to foster the capacity of others, and share authority, and empower people to pursue their calling and unleash their gifts can be threatening, may slow us down, does not fit the image of the “strong man.”

Leadership, true servant leadership, is the key for the church, for their communities, and for a country in perpetual crisis. Awakening, preparing and multiplying leaders is a great and necessary ambition.

This was our focus and these leaders rose to the occasion. I heard it in their questions, their prayers, their worship, in their smiles and hugs, and as they expressed a holy restlessness and courageous hope. I saw it in their sacrificial devotion to become what God wants., whatever it takes.

I left Haiti this time with a stronger sense of purpose, with greater hope, and with a determination to stay with my brothers and sisters in their ambition to see the Kingdom of God come. Spending time with these leaders is the uplifting antidote to the hopelessness that often suffocates conversations about the desperate conditions on this island.



Dale Barrett, Director, TLC HAITI

February, 2016

 Great news about God’s continuing work in Haiti over the last three months…–

*I was joined on November trip with Steve Wilhite and Matt Stephens–welcomed 205 new students in PAP and taught three classes of 35-40 in PAP and Messier.  Subjects were Discipleship and Philippians.

*Doug and Nancy Stevens were joined by two of Nancy’s teacher-friends in January for a seminar on Leadership for pastors and church leaders in PAP—over 200 attending; Nancy and her team trained teachers in several different settings.

*Scheduled trip for February 19-26 to PAP and Les Cayes with my friends, Jack Hutchinson and Jeff Jennings, Welcoming new students in Les Cayes and teaching in several different venues in Haiti training pastors and leaders.  (prayer needed!)

*$10,000 raised for our TLC Haiti ministry in a special GoFundMe account managed by Robin Jennings.  Thanks, Robin, for your hard work!

*God is strengthening pastors and church leaders during a time of intensified political crisis—pray for them as they lead their people during this uncertain time.

YOU have made this ministry possible.  Your faithful prayer and financial support keep this ministry to Haitian pastors, teachers and leaders going.  We could not do this without you.

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations for ever and ever. Amen!” Ephesians 3:20



Dale Barrett, Director TLC Haiti

May 19, 2015   160 Graduates in Port au Prince

May 22, 2015      85 Graduates in Les Cayes


Graduation in Port au Prince

Fourteen classes and a successfully completed exam was the path for 245 students that comprised the first graduation classes from our training institute—a formally registered school in Haiti—last month.  I am still processing the excitement and joy at handing out diplomas and Macarthur Study Bibles (in French) made available through the friends and supporters of this ministry.  Over the last four years over $250,000 has been channeled into the specific ministry of training men and women to accurately teach the Word in Haiti.  Over 600 students sat in one of our classes—sometimes more than 200 at a time—and there are churches scattered all across Haiti now where the gospel is being proclaimed because of the contribution of those who have prayed and given.  All meals, textbooks, materials and study Bibles were made available as a gift from TLC Haiti so that these mostly young men could pursue their training while at the same time serving as pastors or volunteer workers in their local congregations.

les cayes graduation

Graduation in Les Cayes

Neil Sullivan, the CEO of TLC, and Doug Stevens, the former president, joined me in Haiti for this event along with Neil’s family and fellow teacher, Ali Hassan, and photographer, Mark Hays, a three time participant in Haitian ministry.  Gilbert Jules, our field director, was the glue that held it all together.  His excellent leadership continues to be the solidifying agent of our continuing outreach among the pastors.  Around a thousand people participated in both graduations following a day of teaching Homiletics at each location.  The joy and celebration of these graduates is hard to explain, but imagine receiving a diploma for completing a course of study, while at the same time working—many are bi-vocational—and seeking to faithfully lead a church in the midst of the challenges faced daily by Haitians simply to earn a living and remain ministry-focused in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

We will continue to make provision for students to do the work and study needed to earn their diploma, but we will shift our emphasis this winter to smaller group settings of 20-25 pastors in different geographical areas with a three-pronged emphasis.  (1) Continued Biblical training…we will be teaching the book of Philippians and showing pastors how to use it as an effective teaching tool; (2) Hands-on practical ministry training, focusing on discipleship, moving new believers from infancy to spiritual maturity;      (3) Evangelism through the utilization of the “Jesus” film recently donated to TLC Haiti.  The setting will be 2-3 days in two different areas (in November, Port au Prince and Carrefour Poy), and the goal of doing this 3-4 times in 2016.  The motivation for this transition is to move from a large classroom setting to a smaller, more intimate context that encourages dialogue and feedback as we share and teach.

Part of ministry team for graduation

Part of the Ministry Team

Pray for us.  Pray for Gilbert.  Pray for our fellow Haitian brothers and sisters who are faithfully teaching the Word of God to their own people.

Give, as God directs you.  Continue to invest in the lives of these pastors and church leaders by enabling us to teach and train how to use the Word of God effectively in their ministry.

Thanks for making the celebration in May possible.  You share in the joy and reward we experienced firsthand in praying for and participating in God’s kingdom work in Haiti! 


Testimonies from some of  the Haitian Pastors

1. Just received this morning:  Gratitude is from the heart.  Thousand thanks for the “Pastoral Training that makes me a user of a diploma in theology.  It is not too late to say :thank you.
2.  After a big discussion about who should receive diplomas or certificate, a gentleman came and stated: ”  Pastor Gilbert, whatever I deserves, I will get.  I have been humiliated by others because I am not a graduate or I don’t have a certification from the government; now, they will treat me differently.  I just praise the Lord I can be a part of the Pastoral Training institution.
3.  Many of them testify of the great skills of the professors, and they express the knowledge they have gotten while being students, and the new ways of teaching they will practice.
4.  One thanks me for asking the professors to help in training leaders.
Those are the most touchy testimonies that I pick up to be in the newsletter.
Little note from Gilbert Jules:  Many thanks for helping the Kingdom of God through TLC.  I express my gratitude to God and to all of the supporters. Hope you and I stay at work until He comes back to take us up.
Gilbert Jules

January Review, 2015

Garry Auguste, one of our gifted Haitian pastors affiliated with our TLC tarining, joined Gilbert Jules in teaching a recent class in PAP and Les Cayes to over 300 students on Old Testament Survey utilizing the excellent textbooks we are able to provide them because of our generous donors.  Here’s a short report from Pastor Gary on the seminar…

“All my gratitude to the TLC staff and leaders to this wonderful opportunity to teach and train those men if God to be equipped for the work of ministry.

Both experiences at Port-au-Prince and Les Cayes were tremendously blessed and we received great feedback form people in both areas.  It was a very difficult exercise to cover the 39 books of the Old Testament in one day, but without digging too deep we shared the substance of each and drew the attention of the participants on the key message and key lessons from each book.

As Pastor Gilbert and I progress through this awesome study, we can see time to time on the faces joy, enlightenment, reflection and thanksgiving.  At the beginning and the end we gave some exhortation to continue a personal study of the book to grow in the knowledge of Gods word and to live according to the truth learned.

This is an awesome initiative that I applaud with two hands.  God only knows the dimension of the impact of these four years of constant teaching in the life of those leaders.  We might not see the result right away but sooner or later the fruits will come.  No better gift to the church of Christ than when the leaders are well-trained in the Word.

God bless you all and thanks so much for the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of God’s kingdom in Haiti.”

Pastor Garry

FOLLOWUP:  Pastor Gilbert has coordinated a class in both areas for our pastors on dealing with relevant legal issues.  These classes took place on February 20 and 27.  Your gifts make each of these training classes possible!

Dale Barrett, Director




Did you know that Pastor Gilbert and fellow Haitian pastor, Pastor Gary, will be teaching a seminary class on Old Testament Survey the end of January?  Classes will be taught in Port au prince and Les Cayes, without about 300 expected to attend.  Textbooks provided by faithful supporters of TLC Haiti will be provided for each student.

*Did you know that there are legal matters that require the attention of Haitian pastors?  Pastor Gilbert will update our pastors on these concerns so that they can be prepared to respond appropriately.  This class will be held in February.

*Did you know that our students must pass a final comprehensive exam, to be administered in March, to receive their diplomas as graduates of TLV Pastor Training Institute?  I will be making up this test with help from Pastor Gilbert and Doug Stevens over the next 4-6 weeks.

*Did you know that Doug Stevens and I will be teaching a one day seminar on Homiletics in Port au Prince and Les Cayes just prior to Graduation exercises in May?

*Did you know that Graduation is only four months away?  We are expecting this to be a special day for our Haitian ministry and are welcoming TLC board members, TLC teachers and friends to join us.  If you would like to go, contact me at for more details.

*Did you know that we have helped to provide facilities for an orphanage in Port au Prince? Nancy Stevens has spearheaded this project and welcomes your support.  There are about twenty-five children currently in this orphanage and they are enjoying their new surroundings.

*Did you know that Pastor Gilbert recently purchased a four wheel drive truck for his daily ministry in Haiti?  Traveling over Haitian roads is a unique challenge and this vehicle enables Gilbert to carry necessary supplies and equipment for the various ministries he discharges there.  The truck was a $22,000 item and a big expense for Gilbert to absorb.  If you’d like to help defray these costs you can contact me as indicted above.

*Did you know that Haiti TLC operated on a budget of around $60,000 in 2014, all of which was provided through your faithful giving?  Thank you.

*Did you know that you can come to Haiti and share in ministry?  You can coordinate a work party or a ministry team by working together with me on the details of what is needed and enabling me to orchestrate this in conjunction with Pastor Gilbert’s availability and schedule.  VBS, orphanage repair, church building and renovation, teacher training, evangelism—all of these and more are tangible ways in which you can serve in a “hands on” way.

*Did you know that all of this is possible because of the partnership we have formed together and none of this is possible without you?  Thanks for your prayers and gifts that make TLC Haiti a blessing to over 600 pastors and church leaders in Haiti!

Dale Barrett, Director



Haiti  August 2014, Doug and Nancy Stevens’ ministry trip


Children at the orphanage

Our trip to Haiti was two-fold in purpose:  Pastor Gilbert had asked me to come and train 30 elementary and middle school teachers who serve at four Port au Prince church- sponsored schools, while Doug chose the formation of the early church from the book of Acts to share with 35 pastors and Sunday School teachers who came ready and eager to receive all that God had for them.  My students had completed high school courses and then passed a test, but they had received no training in the art of teaching.  Imagine the challenge for them!  What a privilege to share God’s word with our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  My task was to instruct the teachers first of all, of their special place in God’s heart.  They represent Christ after all as they stand in front of their students: His hands and feet and voice.  Who knows what these little ones may accomplish for God’s Kingdom!  One of the pastors in Doug’s class had committed his life to Christ because he heard the Good News at his Christian School! Secondly, I urged my teachers to love their students just as Jesus does.  This was a revolutionary thought for these folks whose culture encourages severe physical punishment and shaming for those who misbehave and those who do not achieve academically!  We used Biblical passages to teach these concepts while I introduced various teaching techniques to unpack the meaning.  Just to make it interesting, one of my students was a local voodoo priest (the father of two of our Christian teachers) who at the end of the session wrote that he had learned how God can save him and how to invite Jesus into his heart!   And then we visited the orphanage that TLC is sponsoring, Maison d’Accueil . . . “The House of Welcome.”  Just four months ago, the children were living in a tent city in the slums of Port au Prince, but now they are in a safe and secure two-story house with a “playground” on the roof.  Imagine the sweet sound of 25 Haitian children’s voices singing, “We welcome you, we welcome you”.  Each child then greeted us with a hug and a kiss:  Pastor Gilbert, Pastor Julio, Doug and I, all in a line!  (It was all I could do to keep my emotions in check!)  We toured their new facility and rejoiced with them that they are now situated in a residential Port au Prince neighborhood.  The electricity was out in their area that afternoon (a common occurrence) so I was glad that we had brought along a couple of solar lanterns to leave with them.  There is still work to be done, which will proceed as money comes in; but God promises to provide for all of our needs, even in Haiti! Thank you for your prayers for our journey. Doug and Nancy Stevens



Grace Fellowship Church, Jackson, California—YOUTH MINISTRY TRIP

July 20-26, 2014

VBS in Fragneauville

VBS in Fragneauville

As the youth pastor at Grace Fellowship, I had the privilege of leading our first youth ministry trip to Haiti on Jul 202-6.  Nineteen of us traveled there and were made welcome by Pastor Gilbert, Obed and our translators as we presented the gospel message to children in five different locations.  We visited churches in Fragneauville,  Carrefourpoy, Desca and Ballenger, as well as the recently-established TLC orphanage.  What an honor it was to serve along our brothers and sisters in Haiti!  We served 900+ sandwiches and countless cups of juice and water to the children we visited.  We delivered 900 “goodie bags” that included a coloring book telling about Jesus, crayons and a cross necklace to each of the children.  Most importantly, we had the opportunity to present the gospel message to 900 children and their families through song and VBS presentations.  What a  blessing it was for us to share the love of Christ with those children!   (Pastor Christian Carter)

I was one of 8 on the presentation team on the trip.  It was wonderful to work with the kids, even though we

Youth Ministry Team

Youth Ministry Team

weren’t able to speak the language to each other.  Just being able to color with them and hold them was worth a thousand words…I think sometimes it takes a trip like this to make you realize that God really does want us to tell others  about him…if I can go down there and tell a thousand kids about Jesus, I should be able to share the same message with my friends here in little Amador County…”  (Shelby Haefele)

“What was I doing here, a rich, obnoxious American thinking I could help these people out of the goodness of my heart.   But that wasn’t my motivation.  I remembered  I  was there because God called me and commanded me to go into all the world and preach the gospel…I wanted to help them all.  I was glad that we got to bring happiness to some with the gift bags and the food we gave them, but I wish I could do more.  Frankly, I felt guilty for having so much that I take for granted when these people can be so content with next to nothing…I have a greater responsibility to use what I have been given to glorify God and try to help further His kingdom.”            (Noah Throssel)

Crazy love!  It’s why we do all of this.  It’s why I am here .  That’s why I went to Haiti and why God sent His Son to save us…One day the group we were teaching was getting rowdy.  I was struggling to keep a smile on my face and I was getting frustrated.  I was trying to get them to get juice and I had one arm at my side.  Suddenly I felt something soft touch my hand.  I looked down and this little girl, probably about four or five years old, was standing there holding my hand looking up at me.  With yes full of CRAZY LOVE and a heart full of hope she changed my entire day…I am at home praying that one day I can go back to see them again…I find myself praying that I can complete the task my God has given me…I went to Haiti to give hope, to show love and to teach Christ so that the people there would know the good




Haiti Trip, May 2014 Dale Barrett, TLC Haiti Director

I returned from Haiti with a glad heart–joyfully because of the 350 pastors and church leaders who were our attentive students for  classes from Basic Bible Doctrine Part 1.  How gratifying it is to sense their appetite for the Word and to see their ongoing commitment to Bible study.  The testimonies of how God is using them in their local churches to more effectively share His Word makes every effort we expend to do this worthwhile.  Thanks to all who are a faithful part of making this happen!

dale eric matt

Matt, Dale. Eric

Eric Flores, a videographer, and Matt Hulgan, a fellow teacher, joined me for this recent trip.  Their observations follow in the paragraphs below.  We will return in November to teach the second half of Basic Bible Doctrine 2.
Matt Hulgan
This was my second opportunity to serve in Haiti and it was such a blessing to me (and hopefully the Haitian pastors).  It was a delight to see them interact with God’s Word as we looked deeper into the Bible .It’s been difficult to explain to my American friends why we need to teach pastors about the Bible or about Jesus.  Below are some thoughts of the “how’s” and “why’s” of teaching doctrine.As we covered Bibliology, the study of God’s written revelation, we continually discovered internal and external evidence of the fact that the Bible is without error and without equal.  We saw that if we perceive an error in the Bible, the fault is in the translation, transcription or interpretation, never in the original autographs of scripture.  We also recognized that traditions, experiences and good intentions are never to be held on equal footing with the Bible as God’s authoritative revelation.In our second session we covered Christology, the study of Jesus.  We spent time observing the Biblical passages that affirm that He is uncreated, co-eternal and co-equal with God the Father and the Holy Spirit.  Unsurprisingly we found that He is without error and as far as salvation goes, he is without equal.  He is in fact the only way to be saved.The teachings above are not radical or innovative.  They are quite old and they are completely true so why would we spend time teaching pastors things they are already convinced of?  Why teach a pastor a defense of Biblical inerrancy?  Because attacks on the church frequently come by those who twist the Word or deny it’s accuracy, authenticity and authority.  If the Bible is not completely true then the other doctrines stand on shifting, relativistic ground.Why teach a pastor that Jesus is God and our only savior?  Because there are major cults that are based on denying Christ’s divinity and they add to the criteria of salvation.  Some cults say things like “Jesus died for most of your sins but you have to earn the last bit of salvation.”  Or they say “Jesus is a created being, rather than the Creator.” This is in no way matches what the Bible teaches.  By studying what the Bible says about Christ, the Haitian pastors are better prepared to recognize false teaching and protect their church from such wolves in sheep’s clothing.My hope and prayer is that each pastor left the sessions being fully convinced that:
• Jesus is a co-equal, co-eternal person of the Triune Godhead
.• We receive salvation through Christ, not Christ + ________
.• God’s revelation is in His Word, not The Word + _________.
Eric Flores
I’ve been producing videos for over a decade and this was my second missions trip. Going to Haiti, not as a pastor but as a photographer/videographer, I didn’t really know how to prepare. I couldn’t conduct a pre-production interview. I couldn’t visit the locations ahead of time to find the perfect angles. And once I was there, I knew I wouldn’t be able to run back home if I forgot a piece of equipment. All of my traditional safety nets were pulled away. My only option was to trust God.
Port au Prince

Port au Prince

Despite what the bumper stickers say, it’s not always easy to “Let go and let God”.  But a great way to do that is to commit to a missions trip. The moment all of my senses were confronted with Haiti, my immediate gut reaction was, “God help me. What have I gotten myself into?” The landscape, the people and the culture were all unfamiliar. Every outing presented another scenario, another opportunity, to truly trust God with my day. Once I got back, I realized that need is also true here at home, but I don’t think I would have learned that if I had not gone on the trip.

Dale Barrett, Director
TLC’s motto–“EnCouraging Kingdom Leaders Worldwide”–is one we take seriously. Our growing ministry in the United States is testimony to the valuable concept of small group investment in the lives of pastors and leaders in the church under the direction of a trained servant facilitator. Pastors need someone who understands them, someone who will listen to them, someone who will accept them in the midst of the inevitable personal challenges and struggles.they face common to ministry. Such a supportive environment potentially invigorates and revitalizes pastors and leaders who are called on to be a source of inspiration and instruction to others. If this is a valid need for encouraging pastors and leaders in the United States with its wealth of communication options and social mobility, how much greater would the need be in Haiti where communication is limited, pastors and churches are isolated and economic deprivation is rampant. Haiti is a country of 9,000,000 plus still reeling from the aftershocks of a brutal earthquake in 2010 that killed more than 250,000 people and left the country ravaged, and still struggling to rebuild. In an environment of undeveloped infrastructure and a fledgling uncertain government, Haiti’s hope for the future must rest on something other than the best ideas and programs man has to offer. The hope of Haiti rests in part in its churches and pastors. Why? 1. The church ideally provides a setting that directs people to God and the hope that there is in His divine power and providence. 2. Pastors have a special role in guiding their congregations into a knowledge of the Word of God and into a personal;growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 3. Pastors have to be taught the Word of God and trained in how to teach those truths to others. Additionally, the spiritual disciplines that help maintain a dynamic relationship with Christ must be personally cultivated and communicated to others. TLC Haiti is committed to encouraging pastors and leaders in Haiti by providing teaching and training that will equip them to lead their congregations. Quarterly teaching seminars and monthly small group meetings led by trained servant facilitators are the basic components of this ministry. Already there are almost sixty small groups and five hundred pastors participating in TLC-directed programs. And there is much more to do. Stay tuned for ongoing reports of the exciting development of TLC’s ministry “EnCouraging Kingdom Leaders Worldwide”–and its growing opportunities in Haiti.
 WHY TLC in Haiti?  
There are numerous organizations at work in Haiti. Many seek to address the physical needs of medical care, housing, food, clothing and job creation. Still others are motivated to respond to the educational needs through the financing of private schools, the supplying of trained teachers, the provision of books and materials, and the simple task of getting children to school.
All of these are critical to Haiti’s recovery and reconstruction after decades of political unrest and instability and the slow development and response of the country’s infrastructure in the face of the seemingly relentless assault of natural disasters. But the most important component of Haiti’s long-term rebuilding may be determined by how well she responds to the deeply-exposed spiritual needs she has experienced in the face of pain and poverty, as well as devastation and death. To these special needs organizations have responded as well with churches across America, as well as from other countries, sending missionaries and work teams to be ministers of Christ’s love as well as to lay a foundation for hope. So why TLC? Are we reduplicating what others are doing? Are we intentionally meeting a specific need? Have we consulted with Haitian leaders in developing a plan to meet these needs? These are all great questions and worthy of careful response. 1. Are we reduplicating what others are doing? It is our goal to teach and train pastors so they can utilize their God-given gifts to serve their people. It is hard to believe that there could be too many people doing this–fulfilling a biblical mandate (Matthew 28:19,20)– in a country of over 9,000,000 people. 2. Are we intentionally meeting a specific need? Our goal is to connect pastors to trained servant-facilitators (we will train them) in a small group setting where they can be encouraged and equipped for more effective ministry through peer accountability and problem-solving dynamics generated from within the group. 3. Have we consulted with Haitian leaders in developing a plan to meet these needs? Gilbert Jules, an important Haitian leader and administrator (our liaison there), has told us that the primary need of the pastors is biblical teaching and training. The small group dynamic he has affirmed as essential to ongoing spiritual development in the lives of Haiti’s pastor/leaders. I am sure others are doing ministries that address some of the same concerns. However, it is our specific purpose to “EnCourage Kingdom Leaders Worldwide” and Haiti provides a special opportunity for us to do just that though quarterly seminars and monthly small group meetings. Pray for us as we continue to do what God is calling to do in Haiti. We’ve only just begun!!! ————————————-

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Youth Ministry Team