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Leaders suffer in isolation, but heal and change in a community with peers who engage life and ministry at a deep level with one another.


Key Benefits

  • Real Solutions to Real Issues in Real Time
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Confidential Group Settings
  • Time Enhancement
  • Practical Ministry Resources
  • Ethnically and Ecumenically Diverse
  • Ministry Marriage and Health Resources

Basic Group Structure

  • Monthly TLC Connection Group Meetings
  • 8-10 Ministry Leaders Per Group
  • Monthly One-to-One Leadership Coaching
  • Issue Resolution Process
  • Presentations and Resources
  • Spiritual Accountability
  • Catalytic Conferences and Retreats



The Leadership Connection focuses on delivering to both the pastor and congregation three critical outcomes:


Experience personal vibrancy.

Pastors and ministry leaders are constantly giving to others. If their giving exceeds their replenishing over a long period of time, they will become burned out, overly-stressed, and deeply depressed. According to one statistic, 48% of all pastors will experience stress, depression and burn out that is so severe that they will leave the ministry because of it.  Who really, besides God, knows how many of the nearly 20,000 pastors that are fired or forced to resign every year were really just looking for a way out?


The Leadership Connection is a way for pastors to gather in a safe environment with other like-minded ministers who face similar challenges and issues. There’s a lot of laughter in these meetings. More importantly, there are many friendships fostered.


Studies have demonstrated that one of the surest ways for a person to be replenished is through healthy friendships and marriages. TLC focuses on delivering value in both of these areas. We do so because we’ve learned that 70% of all pastors (and 56% of their spouses) report that they don’t have a close friend to confide in.


Reaching peak levels of leadership: both personal and congregational.

Let us not make the common mistake to believe healthy equals impact.  Millions of healthy teenagers in the United States that spend the majority of their time on a couch playing video games, with an iPod in one hand and an iPad in the other. Healthy bodies don’t necessarily translate into impacting lives.


When it comes to having an impact on both a congregation and beyond into its community….

“Leadership is always the issue…”


One of the outcomes for a TLC member–for both the pastor and the congregation alike–is the opportunity to take their leadership abilities to a new level.  This is accomplished though a variety of  resources, events, and custom designed experiences.

Raising the bar on congregational health and ministry effectiveness.

Sure, we concentrate on pastoral vibrancy, but at some point that health and God-empowered ministry must impact the congregation as a whole. TLC concentrates on an entire congregation by:

  • Conducting 2 to 4 TLC group meetings per year for Board or Leadership Team Chairpersons.
  • Providing BOD / Leadership Team development for TLC member congregations.
  • Providing offsite resources for Congregational Leadership Teams (at significant discount for TLC members)
  • Resourcing congregations through experienced presenters.
  • Offering free online webinars throughout the year for TLC members (pastors, staff and BOD / LT members)
  • Providing congregational assessments that measure important aspects of church health and ministry effectiveness.
  • A healthy and vibrant pastor, in turn, leads to healthier vibrancy in a congregation. The focus of TLC is not limited to only the pastor.




Personal Experiences

Steve joined a group in 2010.  He was initially reluctant to participate in this group.  When his friend, who was leading a group, invited him to check it out, he thought it would add a minimal amount of value to his life and ministry.  Plus, he thought he didn’t even have time for it.  But after checking it out, he returned again and again.  Months later, this group became a significant part of what contributed to his ministry effectiveness and even his own personal vibrancy. Along the way, he began to not only build stronger friendships with other pastors in similar situations, he gained enormous insights that began to challenge and improve his leadership skills, as well as his interpersonal approach with his board and members of his congregation. He left the monthly forum meetings rejuvenated and refreshed to do ministry and serve others.   Although Steve didn’t initially realize the immense importance of being in a peer learning group, he has now developed a conviction that he needs to be in a group like for the rest of his ministry career.



First, I’d like to give thanks for TLC and what your leadership has done for me personally. I was introduced to a group right when I was about to start at Maranatha as their pastor.  The time with this TLC group and the other pastors has been a God send.  I found much needed wisdom and clarity as I faced the challenges of leading a plateaued church and church plant.  It has been great to see how much of what we talked about in the group has produced a more vibrant and missionally focused congregation in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I look forward to our meetings because I have a place where I receive much needed wisdom and counsel, know that my venting is heard, listened to, and understood, and I receive meaningful encouragement to persevere for the cause and mission of Christ.  The outcome has both benefited my work and my home life.  The camaraderie of The Leadership Connection is such a phenomenal blessing   – Jerry Wong, Senior Pastor




Group Types


Senior Pastor

Groups specifically focused on issues senior pastors face in ministry and in their personal life. Although many senior pastors have staffs and other support, many still feel isolated, alone, and overburdened.  These groups help senior pastors face the complex issues in their lives and ministries, especially the ones that pastors don’t know who to talk to about.

Executive Director 

Groups specifically designed for executive level ministry leaders in non-profits, as well as churches and other  organizations that are focused on ministry. These groups involve dialogue that is done confidentially, with openness and candidness, and ultimately they strive to serve the executive level leader and the real and challenging issues they face.

Next Generation

Groups that are specifically focused on ministry leaders between the ages of 20 and 35.   These aren’t necessarily ministry leaders who are in the same exact role, although some groups may consist of all youth pastors, or all church planters, etc.  These ministry leaders may be in vocational ministry, or perhaps they are bi-vocational or aspiring to go into vocational ministry.

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