Kingdom Ventures 2014 – Event Wrap Up

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  Can pastors learn to engage issues that affect people in the real world? Will the church provide vital support for their members at work? Does faith make a difference during the week?! Kingdom Ventures invites us to answer in the affirmative…and our recent conference (May 16 in Walnut Creek) fired the opening salvo. 300 brave souls joined a conversation that is still difficult and somewhat threatening for the church — and a wake-up call to those of us who are uncertain about how faith relates to work. To become Kingdom-focused is to move beyond a church-centric view of...

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Jesus’ Advice on Overcoming Distraction

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Almost no one wishes they were busier—that we had more things on our to do list, more places to be, more people to catch up with, more errands to run, or more emails to respond to. No one wants that. Instead, most of us wish life would actually SLOW down, OR that we had more hours in the day, and that we could focus more on the substantial and less on the superficial – not the other way around. If we peel back a layer, I think what we really wish is that we were able to BE MORE PRESENT in our own lives, and less preoccupied. Anybody with me? There’s that voice inside that tells us...

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How Godly Character Makes Us Effective Leaders

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Every one of us needs a good dose of godly character to cover the ‘gaps’ of our gifting—the areas where we are obligated to work but not very gifted. Most leadership theory instructs us to address the “gaps” by surrounding ourselves with people who have gifts and talents that compliment us. This is helpful advice, if you can pull it off. But let’s be real – this isn’t always as practical as it sounds when that advice is given. So…I’ve discovered a different more sure-fire way to “cover the gaps.” And I think it’s the way God designed...

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Spiritual Drive-Thru

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I’m the first to admit that I love a good fast food meal.  Am I allowed to call it a meal?  Not sure but I digress.  I had a pretty good run for a while when I completely abstained from fast food and even found it to be distasteful.  Ahh those were the good old days, when I was a fast food snob (and 10 pounds skinnier).  But life threw me a couple curve balls (a.k.a, a couple of kids) and everything changed.  I no longer had time to cook healthy meals and eventually found any substantive food to be distasteful.  It all flipped on me.  I blame the evil franchises that make salty...

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3 Ways to Establish Spiritual Authority

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1. The “Listen First” Principle. People feel compelled to leaders who take time to listen, but I don’t just mean allowing someone else to talk while you don’t. When I say we need to learn to “listen first,” I mean we need to listen with nuance, really hear what someone is saying, really understand the other person’s perspective, really help them feel heard, known, and cared about. Most people cannot distinguish the difference between listening and loving. So when we listen well, it often is translated as loving well. And if we learn to love well (through listening), spiritual...

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8 Core Competencies for Effective Leadership Development

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Leadership development is the personal responsibility of every leader. ————- As a young aspiring ministry leader, I began to wonder what it would take to excel in the years ahead. My quest began with a calling and a vision. I had a plethora of internal questions that drove my learning and fueled my curiosity. I also had immeasurable drive and passion to become the best ministry leader I could become. But knowing where to begin my leadership development journey felt like an insurmountable mountain to climb. In my experience working with and investing in other leaders, I...

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