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Kingdom Ventures 2014 – Event Wrap Up

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  Can pastors learn to engage issues that affect people in the real world? Will the church provide vital support for their members at work? Does faith make a difference during the week?! Kingdom Ventures invites us to answer in the affirmative…and our recent conference (May 16 in Walnut Creek) fired the opening salvo. 300 brave souls joined a conversation that is still difficult and somewhat threatening for the church — and a wake-up call to those of us who are uncertain about how faith relates to work. To become Kingdom-focused is to move beyond a church-centric view of...

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The Ultimate

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Everything You’ve Been Looking For … in all the Wrong Places The other day I was reading again the words of Jesus in John 15 as he refined the incomplete understanding of his disciples about their unique relationship with him.  After three years of living, traveling and serving together, on the night before his arrest and crucifixion, he holds nothing back. What hits me hard here is the explicit intimacy of his language.  In a way that makes his plea to them strikingly vivid and suddenly much more compelling for me.  For me … the die-hard, dyed-in-the-wool, never-say-die romantic...

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Done with Dogma, Ready for Reality

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Your church needs to enter a new season.  Because we’re done with dogma.  All of us.  Done.  Nobody’s listening.  Nobody cares that someone is insisting that we all believe what he/she believes.  Not even those who believe.  There is a near-universal revolt against anything that feels rigid, seems coercive and sounds judgmental.  Read Acts 15: 10 and listen to Peter deliver the death blow to the distressing demands of traditionalism. But, don’t mistake this allergy to indoctrination as an aversion to truth, as an inevitable atheism.  Truth that makes sense of my life, that...

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Dancing with the Dragon

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In so many ways, China is the most exciting nation in the world.  The most populous at 1.3 billion.  With the most impressive, astonishingly modern, super-cities.  Like Beijing, the second largest in China at 24 million, behind Shanghai, where I recently spent two fascinating weeks.  With 21st Century urban architecture unlike anything seen elsewhere.  With a high-speed rail system that is unrivaled.  With the second largest economy, surpassing Japan earlier this year.  Acknowledged as the manufacturing giant, now number one in the world.  Lifting 300 million people in China out of...

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The Heart of Haiti

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I was bumped up to first class on the flight from Miami to Port-au-Prince on my vision trip there last month.  Inappropriate and awkward, but undeniably symbolic.  An American in Haiti, with any sensitivity at all, is immediately overwhelmed by the stark contrast — by the devastation evident everywhere, by the grinding poverty of the place, by the despair that hangs heavy in the air.  And by the heroism of Haitians and foreign friends who refuse to accept defeat. There are mounds of rubble from the January 2010 earthquake all around the sprawling capital, as well as layers of debris and...

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Mad At God

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“Tell me about the God you don’t believe in …” is a question I sometimes ask the person who claims not to believe. This absurd question (logically, if God isn’t real, there’s really nothing worthwhile to discuss) usually provokes a vehement and very involved response. The nonexistence of God is apparently a matter of great interest and grave concern to the avowed atheist. The subject stirs up tremendous turbulence — and a counter-crusade against God and/or those who represent Him. All kinds of emotions get unleashed … including a flood of protest and ridicule. Somewhere...

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