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Four Guiding Principles in Learning to Say “NO”

Posted by on Feb 25, 2013 in Blog Post, Resources Blog | Comments Off on Four Guiding Principles in Learning to Say “NO”

One of the biggest challenges that pastors and other ministry leaders face is the challenge of saying “No.” There are so many demands, usually more than we can handle, but somehow we find ourselves thinking we can take it all on. And then beyond that, even we do want to say “No,” how do we go about having those difficult conversations? How do we know who and how to prioritize? Here are few thoughts to stimulate how you think about that conversation.   1. LIMITS: Remember that you have limits…and that Jesus did too.  Be clear on these limits of time and...

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Changing the Energy of a Room

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Blog Post, Resources Blog | Comments Off on Changing the Energy of a Room

Have you ever wondered how certain leaders whom you admire are able to lead with such force of presence and clarity? Have you ever noticed how that leader relates to others in such a way that she virtually alters people’s moods? Have you ever been curious as to how certain leaders can single-handedly change the vibe of a room? Have you ever envied how easy these people make it look, and yet how they do it still remains a mystery to you?   It may seem elusive as to how people set the tone, but it comes down to one thing: energy.   I’m convinced that every leader has the capacity to...

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Spiritual Drive-Thru

Posted by on Nov 5, 2011 in Blog Post, Leadership | Comments Off on Spiritual Drive-Thru

I’m the first to admit that I love a good fast food meal.  Am I allowed to call it a meal?  Not sure but I digress.  I had a pretty good run for a while when I completely abstained from fast food and even found it to be distasteful.  Ahh those were the good old days, when I was a fast food snob (and 10 pounds skinnier).  But life threw me a couple curve balls (a.k.a, a couple of kids) and everything changed.  I no longer had time to cook healthy meals and eventually found any substantive food to be distasteful.  It all flipped on me.  I blame the evil franchises that make salty...

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Disappointment: Friend or Foe?

Posted by on Nov 5, 2011 in Blog Post, Resources Blog | Comments Off on Disappointment: Friend or Foe?

Life has a way of keeping us grounded doesn’t it?  There is an overused, yet true expression that says, life is like a roller coaster.  As cliché as it may sound, it does describe the inevitable ups and downs we all experience.   I, for one, am not a big fan of the downs.  Most people aren’t, but some would rather stay in the downs because it is too disappointing to let go of the ups. Are they wrong to live that way?  There is something kind of charming and deep about the melancholy soul who finds beauty in the darkness.  They write great music and paint beautiful art.  They...

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Predictable Church Syndrome

Posted by on Nov 5, 2011 in Blog Post, Resources Blog | Comments Off on Predictable Church Syndrome

“Where has the magic gone?” When I heard these words come out of my friend’s mouth, I couldn’t help but wonder the same thing.  He was referring to that intangible element of ministry that at one time, not only enveloped us in wonderment, but also propelled us forward.  We found ourselves in common territory, both with a good number of years in ministry behind us, both with a continued sense of calling to the church, and both with a disheartened view of the future.  How could we long for the future when our present was so void of anticipation or mystery?   My friend and I...

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On Being Missional

Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in Blog Post, Resources Blog | Comments Off on On Being Missional

When I watched the most current Star Trek movie, to be honest, I wasn’t expecting all that much. I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad and two brothers, so nostalgia and some good popcorn was all I was looking for.  But to my surprise, I was absolutely enthralled this film. There’s just something so compelling when a character in a story undergoes a complete transformation. James Kirk was a young guy with a history of loss, and now he was creating a future of failure. He had decided that living for himself was his best bet.   But then the story takes a turn.   The residing...

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