Pastors and Their “False Self”

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One of the books that has shaped my understanding of how God views me (and us as human beings) is a book by Brennan Manning called Abba’s Child. I’m convinced every follower of Christ should read this book, and then deeply absorb its truths.

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Here’s an impactful excerpt about a struggle we call face as human beings, the false self vs. the true self. Or in other languages, we allow the impostor part of us to lead our lives (from p 41).

The impostor builds his/her life around achievements, success, busyness, and self-centered activities that bring gratification and praise from others.

James Masterson, M.D., stated, “It is the nature of the false self to save us from knowing the truth about our real selves, from penetrating the deeper causes of unhappiness, from seeing ourselves as we really are—vulnerable, afraid, terrified, and unable to let our real selves emerge.” (the nature of the false self)

Why does the imposter settle for life in such a diminished form? First, because repressed memories from childhood that laid the pattern for self-deception are too painful to recall and thus remain carefully concealed. Faint voices from the past stir vague feelings of angry correction and implied abandonment. Master’s summary is appropriate: “The false self has a highly skilled defensive radar whose purpose is to avoid feelings of rejection although sacrificing the need for intimacy. The system is constructed during the first years of life, when it is important to detect what would elicit the mother’s disapproval.” (the root fear of intimacy)

The second reason the imposter settles for less life is plain old cowardice.

Brennan Manning writes a whole chapter called The Imposter in his BRILLIANT book Abba’s Child. This is one of my top 5 books that I think every Christ-follower should not only read, but absorb as they deeply know how. Another one I’ve been devouring this past year is Soulful Spirituality.

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