Who We Are

The Leadership Connection focuses on supporting, strengthening and stretching kingdom leaders to help them achieve their call to its fullest potential, create life balance, replenish relationships, and establish healthy lifestyles and families.

_DSC7962We believe that the best way to strengthen an organization is to build healthy leadership—primarily, though not exclusively, via the senior leadership staff. We believe that this is best done within small, facilitated affinity groups and individual coaching where trust and confidentiality can be achieved. These relationships are leveraged into peer-to-peer accountability and support and relevant resources are added to help ministry leaders overcome isolation, stress and feelings of inadequacy—all the while pointing them to the Source of power and value.

The Leadership Connection operates by a set of Guiding Principles that help guide and dictate what we will, and will not, become engaged in as an organization.  These TLC Guiding Principles provide clarity to our direction and decision-making and, more importantly, who we are as Servants.


TLC Guiding Principles

Focus on the HEART of the individual Ministry Leader.

Serve Ministry Leaders at all times.  Being Servant-hearted is the door opener to the Ministry Leader’s heart and life.

Only engage in activities that are in alignment with TLC’s Mission Statement… EnCouraging Kingdom Leaders Worldwide.

All individuals involved with TLC must exhibit our Core Values.

Never tell a Ministry or Ministry Leader what they SHOULD do – only tell them what they COULD do.

Strive to continually provide the nation’s (or world’s) BEST resources to Ministry Leaders.

Never duplicate what someone else is doing well somewhere else.

Share the Core Concepts of TLC with other cultures and let THEM tell you how it would work best in their world.

All divisions of TLC should be financially self-sufficient and contribute to the overall expansion of the organization when possible.

Continually seek God in all we do, while continuing to question why we do it and how can we do it better.